Message from the Board

To all members,
I am cancelling the August 2018 MVHOA meeting this Saturday at the Fire Station.

I have only recently obtained the records of the HOA and last year’s CC&R vote. I need time to go through them and will not have time to do so this week. I will present the information to the membership at the next meeting.
We are having difficulty getting a quorum this weekend, so no HOA business could be addressed anyway.

We currently have no Vice President, Secretary, or Treasurer. We do currently have a Board comprised of 7 members, (in accordance with the Bylaws) so these vacancies need to be filled by current Board members during an executive meeting. I hope to have this executive meeting prior to the scheduled September meeting.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused the membership.
See you at the September meeting. I believe we will have a full schedule at that time.

Kirk Antes
Current HOA Board President.