Power outages are, to say the least, an inconvenience. But in the winter when it’s freezing cold, or on a summer’s night when you can’t see a thing, it becomes a bit more disconcerting.

What can you do to prepare for a power outage?
Here are some recommendations from Garkane Energy (GE). They suggest a simple Outage Preparedness Kit, placed in a convenient, accessible cupboard or closet. Your kit should iknclude the following:

1. Flashlight
2. Extra Batteries
3. Battery-powered Radio
4. Candles, Holders and Matches
5. Battery-powered Clock
6. Manual Can Opener
7. Bottled Water
8. Food
9. Extra Blankets or Sleeping Bags
10. Firewood and Kindling or other supplemental heat

These my seem like such common, simple items that you don’t see the need to put together a kit. But when you’re searching for them in TOTAL darkness on a snowy, freezing night, you’ll be glad you spent a few minutes getting it all together before hand.

When the power goes off at your cabin, GE asks that you so the floowing:

1. Before you call Garkane, please check your circuit breakers or fuse box to rule out tripped breakers or blown fuses as the cause of your outage. Also, look out the window to see if your neighbors’ homes have lights, or if the entire subdivision is dark.

2. Keep GE’s toll-free number in the front of your phone book or posted on your wall. 1-888-735-7288. That number is answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week by a Garkane representative. When that phone is answered, Garkane will ask your name, the location of your electric service, how long the power has been out, and whether or not your neighbors are also without power. Linemen will then be immediately dispatched – day or night – to locate and solve the problem. Garkane serves very large and sometimes remote areas, so it may take their crews some time to locate and repair the problem. They appreciate your patience when such is the case.

3. Do not operate a standby generator unless it is equipped with a transfer switch that disconnects it from the main power line. If power is fed back from a generator into the main lines, the result can be deadly for utility workers.

4. Turn off major electrical equipment in anticipation of power being restored. This will prevent overloading the circuits in your home, and on Garkane’s system. Most major appliances can be turned off at the breaker box.

5. Turn on the porch light and one inside light so you and the Garkane crew will know when service has been restored.

6. Once power is restored, if your lights are very dim or unusually bright, turn the power off at the breaker or fuse box and call Grakane. This may indicate there is still a problem at your home or with Garkane’s facilities.

7. If you can see that your neighbor’s power is back on, but yours is not, please call GE again.

Garkane Energy 24-hour Outage & Emergency telephone number (including propane) 1-888-735-4288